Women Connected

Brand Development / Corporate Identity / Packaging / Web Design

An entrepreneur came to me with nothing more than idea. She wanted to create a DIY brand aimed specifically at independent women.

For this project we needed to develop everything from the name, the personality, through to the visual communication.

After extensive research and careful planning, our creative work was able to capture the perfect balance between strong and feminine with a cheeky playfulness.

The strong, approachable personality of Women Connected is carried through the design, photography and language of the brand.

The information booklets are packaged in a custom designed holder. It serves as an introduction to the brand and to the website.

We designed a website with informative and practical DIY information, while keeping it quick and simple to use.

Check it out at: www.womenconnected.co.za

To generate interest, we ran an online campaign showing off the cheekiness while keeping it clear as to what to expect of the brand.