Alive Cafe

Brand Development / Design

Imagine a space with a studio, a stage, workshop rooms and creative playground all existing within a cafe. Here you could work and play, with freedom, love and joy. A meeting place for many artists, musicians, writers, actors and anyone who was seeking creative expression.

In 2013 I co-founded and developed a brand for a co-playing art and event space, Alive Cafe.

We hosted and facilitated artists, designers, photographers, musicians, and writers to practice their passions in a fun, collaborative way.

We believed that when we engage with something that we love on a regular basis, our whole being comes alive.

Our main purpose was to inspire creativity which, in turn, promotes positive change or growth in the lives of those who experience it.

The project ran for 18 months and was more successful than we hoped. Artists had a platform to showcase themselves, musicians launched albums from our stage, and photographers launched their careers from our space. We aided in building a community around the arts.

Alive Cafe – Creative Experience Hub was a space to enable creative expression while offering a familiar, comfortable environment.

Coming soon to Berlin.