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Hello! I’m a Creative Director. I’m here to craft your vision in a way that tells a STORY.

How I Work

I believe that a successful brand combines its vision, creative strategy and design into one strong message or “story”. One that grabs the attention from the right people, for the right reasons, and at the right time.

This is how we achieve that:


A thorough investigation into all there is about your brand or project to understand its essence.


Using insights gained from exploration, a strategy is put in place which shapes the creative direction.


Following the creative direction, your story comes to life with the design of visuals, words & actions.

(In-between all of these are many, many cups of coffee)

To create truly memorable experiences, it is important that I collaborate personally with you and together we’ll uncover the substance of your project. This process allows us to see the things we sometimes overlook. It is scalable to creative work of any size; from small projects to full brand development.


About Me

Sedick Sasman – Baccalareus Technologiae (B.Tech): Design

I’m a writer stuck in a creative director’s body. I create stories formed out of the raw materials of your project – visually and with words.

I don’t care much for trends, tastes, or awards. My job is to uncover the substance of your brand – Its truth. Its story. This process is what speaks to me the most. This is where I play.

In my spare time I explore art, photography, and film. And of course, with all the weird goings on in my head, I write. I also enjoy long walks on the beach… in case you wanted to know that.

The people I work with:

I work with people who have an unbridled passion for what they do. They love being authentic, expressive and untamed. They don’t settle for less. Their ideas challenge our thinking, and are geared towards a relentless pursuit of creating something remarkable. 

Usually you’ll find them dancing wildly outside the box, on the edges of reason, making adventure happen. They discard the rules and reject trends.

Their hunger for change inspires me, and I love playing a role in communicating their story to the world.


Let’s have a chat

Contact me here, and maybe we can chat over some coffee.

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